Golubenco & Sarbu is a small and agile software development and consulting company, founded in 2007 by Monica Sarbu and Tudor Golubenco. We offer the following services:

* Software Architecture Design
* Development Team leading
* Project managing
* System programming (C/C++)
* Higher level programming (Python/Java)
* Web technologies programming
* VoiP/SIP/IMS consultancy
* Training in modern software development: agile methodologies, test driven development (TDD).

We believe in software that is maintainable, efficient and easy to use. Having experience in a wide range of programming languages and technologies, we always select and use the best tools for the job.
Over the past years, we proved our abilities to design and implement complex real-time systems, with high-availability requirements.

Our reference customers include: Iptelorg GmbH, IPTEGO GmbH, VITO Real Estate GmbH, PRAKA LtD, ökodirekt GmbH and ISACO GmbH.

Interested? Please contact us.